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by Lindsay
When we decided to buy a house a few years back, I had my heart set on a Victorian..with beautiful hardwood floors. I found
my Victorian, but unfortunately the floors were a combination of painted linoleum tiles ( front hallway and guest bedroom ),
cheap Home Depot berber carpet ( master bedroom and dining room ), and . cherry laminate pergo ( kitchen ). The living
room had beautiful hardwood flooring installed, but that was it. Fast forward to now. We decided to sell our house, so to
spruce it up a bit we were going to have the entire house ( except the LR and kitchen ) recarpeted. Under the old carpet and
pads, we discovered more ugly painted linoleum. One of the tiles had started to lift, so I pulled it up and WHOAH!! Underneath
I saw wood. I started trying to pry the tiles up, but was only able to get the ones closest to the wall (someone had glued AND
nailed those tiles down a LONG time ago..and they were not coming up without a fight). My mom went ahead and had Home
Depot re carpet the entire house, which cost us about $2400. I was undeterred, though...knowing the value that the wood
floors would add to the house. Our real estate agent agreed, and together we pulled up a section of the new carpet in the
closet of the Master bedroom. She told me that the wood floors were old growth Douglas fir, and that they would be
gorgeous restored. We had several contractors come to give us an estimate...the first one took one look at the tiles and told
us there was no way he could demo and restore the floors, and that it would be cheaper to just install new hardwood floors
throughout. He called me later with an $8600 dollar estimate ( excluding the LR, kitchen and bathrooms ). Still undeterred, I
called and left message after message with various flooring outfits. Ramirez hardwood floors actually answered the first
time that I called, and the man said he could come by and take a look that day.
He showed up on time, looked at the floors and quoted me $1800 dollars on the spot to demo and remove all of the old tiles,
restore and refinish the floors....2300 including the kitchen. I was abit suspicious, so I asked for some references, which he
promptly provided for me. His references checked out, claiming that they too had thought the price too good to be true, but
were very happy with the work done. So we went for it.We riipped out all of the new carpets, and moved in to the in law for a
few days. The guys from Ramirez showed up at 8am on the dot, and worked all day until around 6pm. They were finished in
just under four whole days, and the results are absolutely BREATHTAKING. Deep, rich, golden red fir floors...they filled in the
gaps and totally restored the floors..they even refinished the hardwoods in the Living Room to match the rest of the house
for nothing. The entire project cost around $2400...ironically the same price we had paid to have the Home Depot carpets
installed..and what a difference. If only we had not wasted that cash initially, I would have gladly used a chunk of it to tip
these guys. Instead, I am writing this review, in hopes that it brings them business that they totally deserve. Amazing.